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Rise Beyond Disability Support Services is a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered organisation providing personalised support to participants and their families to achieve their Goals, Dreams and Aspirations.
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Welcome to Rise beyond disability support services, your trusted partner in empowering individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. With our comprehensive range of NDIS services, support coordination, therapeutic supports, supported employment, and school leave employment supports, we are dedicated to supporting individuals of all ages in Central Coast & Northern Sydney regions.

Our passionate team, with over 27 years of experience, is committed to going above and beyond to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. Experience the Rise difference today.

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Our priority is always our customers to provide the best services.


Rise Beyond Disability Support Services specialises in providing support to individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Whether it's physical, intellectual, sensory, or developmental disabilities, the organisation is committed to helping participants overcome barriers and live fulfilling lives. We offer tailored services to address specific disability-related needs and empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Family Support

Rise Beyond Disability Support Services recognises the importance of supporting not only the participants but also their families. They offer family support services to provide guidance, emotional support, and practical strategies for families navigating the challenges associated with disability. The organisation understands that a strong support network plays a vital role in the well-being and overall success of individuals with disabilities.

Supported Independent Living

Rise Beyond Disability Support Services promotes independence and autonomy by offering supported independent living programs. These programs focus on assisting participants in developing the necessary skills and confidence to live independently while ensuring they have the support they need to thrive. The organisation provides support with daily living activities, household management, personal care, and accessing community resources.

Community Programs

Rise Beyond Disability Support Services actively engages participants in community programs to foster social inclusion and enhance their overall well-being. We organise various activities, outings, and events that encourage participants to connect with their local communities, build social networks, and develop new skills. These programs aim to promote participation, belonging, and a sense of accomplishment for individuals with disabilities.

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Our Work

Our Working Proccess

At Rise beyond disability support services, we are dedicated to walking alongside you on your journey towards empowerment. Our processes of initial consultation, customised support planning, and implementation ensure that you receive the individualised care and support necessary to rise beyond your disabilities and lead a fulfilling life.


Initial Consultation

The first step in the work process at Rise Beyond Disability Support Services is an initial consultation and assessment. The organisation's trained and passionate staff engage with participants and their families to understand their unique support needs, goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Customised Support Planning

Based on the information gathered during the initial consultation and assessment, Rise Beyond Disability Support Services creates a customised support plan. This plan outlines the specific goals, strategies, and resources required to help participants achieve their aspirations.



Once the customised support plan is finalised, Rise Beyond Disability Support Services implements the plan and provides ongoing support to participants and their families. The organisation's dedicated and compassionate staff work closely with participants, delivering support services with dignity and respect.


Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Personalised Support

Rise Beyond Disability Support Services offers individualised support plans tailored to each participant's unique needs, goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Prompt and Efficient Services

Rise Beyond Disability Support Services prides itself on delivering quick and responsive support.

24/7 Availability

Recognizing that support needs can arise at any time, Rise Beyond Disability Support Services maintains round-the-clock availability.

Professional and Trained Staff

The organisation is staffed by a team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals who are dedicated to providing top-quality support services.


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What do our customers say?

"Rise Beyond has been a game-changer for my family. Their dedicated staff members truly understand the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. They have supported my loved one in achieving their goals and dreams with utmost dignity and respect. We are grateful for their personalized care and the safe and welcoming environment they provide."

    Timothy Ferry

    "I cannot thank Rise Beyond enough for the incredible support they have provided to my son. Their passionate staff members have gone above and beyond to ensure his well-being and growth. The access to community, social, and recreational facilities has truly enriched his life. Rise Beyond is a beacon of hope for families like ours, and we highly recommend their services."

      Lucy Allison

      "Rise Beyond has been an absolute lifeline for me. Their compassionate and skilled staff have helped me navigate daily challenges and work towards my aspirations. The location in Umina Beach is breathtaking, with endless opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration. I feel truly supported and valued as a participant, and I am grateful to be part of the Rise Beyond community."

        Joanne Hart

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